Rawson Lake

Kananaskis Country

First, you have to drive to the Upper Kananaskis Lake day-use area. From there you follow the trail south-west around the lake until you reach the waterfall. Then the trail heads up the mountain side for a couple of kilometers, the first of which is quite steep and requires some stamina if carrying gear.

Early morning or mid-afternoon are the best times if you want to catch some deep shadows. There is usually snow on the slopes surrounding the lake well into late spring… sometimes later. I’ve never made the hike in Winter, but I’ve heard it’s quite spectacular on a sunny winter’s day.

Be prepared with food and water as this could well be a day long excursion.

Overall Rating
Access Rating
  • Absolutely worth the effort to get to this charming lake surrounded by mountains
  • Waterfalls on the trail
  • This popular “short hike” is quite challenging with gear
  • Some parts of the trail are quite steep (for the first kilometer as you ascend the mountain side)

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