Lake Minnewanka

Banff National Park

I highly recommend this location for small or large groups. Loads of parking, an easy trail around the lake, and close to town if the need arises.

Lake Minnewanka is a favourite of mine. I have been many times, and it just gets more beautiful each time. There’s ample parking for large groups, although the lots will fill up during the day as it’s a popular spot. The trail around the north side of the lake leads you through covered picnic areas and waterside paths and after a while in the trees, you’ll emerge at a foot bridge that crosses one of the creeks that feed the lake. I would not venture much beyond this point as you’d be headed into wilderness areas with all the caution that demands. The western end of the lake is dammed (there’s actually a small mining town at the bottom of the lake and sometimes you’ll see diving schools at the dam end of the lake practicing). On top of the dam is a road causeway which has a couple of small lakeside areas that might be worth a look. At the southern end of the causeway there is a small pull-in you could park at if you prefer the view down the lake from the south side.

Overall Rating


Access Rating



  • Many viewpoints
  • Loads of parking close to the lake
  • Covered picnic areas & bathrooms


  • Can get quite busy in peak months, especially later in the day
  • Area is closed in the winter (check Parks Canada for closures)

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