King Creek Canyon

Kananaskis Country

For the more adventurous out there, this is an amazing hike through a narrow rock gorge beginning almost immediately at the parking area. I love this hike, however, I do not recommend this for users not used to rough terrain or even slightly unsure of their hiking ability. The trail follows a creek bed and is often very rocky and uneven. Also, you will have to cross the creek at some point to continue up the canyon, but there is no bridge. Some will scramble over shoreline rocks and jump a narrow part (very tricky if carrying gear), others will shimmy across a fallen log (I’ve never done that with a backpack). If I’m not planning on going up the trail too far, I usually just bring waterproof footwear (wellies) and wade across. The water is quite shallow in many spots, especially later in the year… but very cold. If there’s been recent rainfall, be prepared to get a little wet. It’s challenging with anything but the lightest backpack, and I’d suggest having both hands free.

Also, be advised that this canyon is a natural wildlife transit point, and bears use it as they traverse the valley. I’ve had no encounters there though.

Overall Rating
Access Rating
  • Amazing environment with lots of interesting rock face/cliffs
  • Hiking in just a little way gets you some interesting views… hiking further is even better!
  • Going could be tricky with gear. Trail crisscrosses the creek, often with no bridge.
  • Parking lot is small and finding a spot later in the day could be a problem
  • Be prepared for wildlife warnings

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