Kananaskis Lakes

Kananaskis Country

This is one of my favourite areas in the whole region and I highly recommend it.

Upper Kananaskis Lake offers spectacular views of aqua-green water surrounded by rugged mountains. Both the North Interlakes and Upper Kananaskis Lake day-use areas have large dykes near the main parking lots, and these offer an easy-access and large area for groups to view the surrounding scenery. There are also extensive beaches along the eastern shoreline where large groups could find lots of room.

North Interlakes Day Use

There is a narrow but relatively easy trail on the eastern shore that is worth exploring as it takes you away from the bulk of the visitors near the parking lot. There are several spots you can access the shoreline, but it does get up above the lake in places, so it may not be for those afraid of heights. Or you can walk across the dyke and hike along the northern shore for a full view south across the lake.

Upper Kananaskis Lake Day Use

Large open beaches follow the shoreline on the eastern side of the lake, and there are many old tree stumps and driftwood piles that provide some unusual visual opportunities. Again, it’s worth walking away from the main beach near the parking area to have the view across the lake almost to yourself. And again, walking across the dyke and around on to the point would allow for view along the shoreline looking north as well as across the lake to the south, which may be advantages depending on the time of day you’re there.

Be prepared for some brisk breezes off the lake!!

Overall Rating
Access Rating
  • Amazing views across the lake
  • Good trails for those that want to explore a bit (see Rawson Lake)
  • Good parking close to water
  • Picnic areas/bathroom
  • Can get busy in peak season, so be prepared to walk away from the main parking area to find a more secluded spot

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