Fish Creek Provincial Park


Although not as spectacular as the Rockies, there are still plenty of painting opportunities in one of Canada’s largest urban wilderness parks. Surrounded by the southern part of Calgary, it has over 80 km of paved bike paths and trails, and 13 km2 of protected parkland.

You’ll have to explore the area a little, and I’d recommend getting off the bike paths and follow the gravel trails along either the creek (western arm of the park) or the Bow River (eastern arm).

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Overall Rating
Access Rating
  • Never crowded, even on holidays and weekends
  • Very easy walking along well maintained bike-paths and trails
  • Several park entrances to different areas of the park
  • Loads of parking areas throughout the park
  • Some parking areas include picnic areas and public bathrooms nearby
  • Watch out for cyclists on the bike paths

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